Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Cursed technology

Now don't get me wrong by the title of this post, I'm all for technology...within reason. But when people get it into their heads that it's a good idea to write nasty little programs that infect other people's computers, I start to get a little teed off. Imagine the sheer joy of booting up your computer in the morning to find out that not only does your Internet not work (read that: won't open Explorer), but you've mysteriously gained a program called "Golden Casino" from goodness knows where...!!! A program that, as it would have it, has the amazing capability of opening itself once you boot up your computer...I have no control. (I would like to assure you at this point that I am not one of those fools who opens odd attachments from strangers, nor am I in the habit of downloading...AND when I ran a virus checker after discovering my Internet would not work, it reported that my PC was fine...obviously not...)

Forgive me for venting, and in truth, this has all been a good lesson for me: patience is a virtue I still need to work on. One of these days I just might get it right; today was not that day.

In other more exciting news, I finally finished one of my papers today and in so doing discovered an extreme dislike for writing social work papers. I don't know why. It's my major and quite frankly the classes are interesting, but the papers bore me to death. And having to do citation!! Urk! I mean, I understand the point and all, but I'm getting really tired of having a required amount of sources totalling more than the required number of pages. It is my poor and humble opinion that paper writing is the bain of all students and quite possibly the worst way to try to get someone to learn something. If I'm going to learn about something, let me learn about it, but don't make me spew it back to you in some horrible form or fashion that doesn't truly let me express myself. Don't get me started on how much I dislike the current system of education...I could go for hours.

I probably could go on, but I believe for now I have successfully vented enough annoyance at the world in general to move on with the rest of my day. (In case you're wondering I'm not actually writing this from my own computer because, as earlier stated, my Internet explorer doesn't work...)

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