Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The past couple of days have been rather draining to say the least. I do not enjoy being sick and having to miss both a choir gig and Church in the Box. Yet at the same time I can see God using this as one more lesson in relying on Him for strength. He has become my Stillpoint where I go whenever life's whirlwind becomes too much to bear, and I pray I might come to remain in His peaceful presence all through the day.

Some exciting things have been happening lately: I've found a house for the summer and for next year, and I've got a job for the summer at Connon's Nursery...nothing glamorous, just a regular greenhouse job, but I am so thankful not to be stuck inside at a desk like last year. Not to mention I get to work on a crew again...how I missed being with people while at Union Gas!! God is so faithful to provide.

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