Friday, March 05, 2004

This is it

I think I've finally decided on what I want this thing to look like. The colours are still a little on the iffy side, but trying to pick the perfect one to fit my mood with one of those awful little color chart schemes they give just isn't quite working for me...and hey! I finally figured out how to change the font of the comments link.

It's finally the weekend. I had not realized just how stressful this week has been until I sat down last night in between dinner and night class and just vegged out for about thirty minutes and I realized I hadn't had time to watch tv guilt-free pretty much all week. I am so thankful God gave us a day of rest.

So now that I find myself with some free time on my hands, (how else would I have time to figure this whole blog thing out?), I can not help but feel completely exhausted from lack of sleep, and think that maybe I should be getting a head start on all the homework I know I have coming due in a couple weeks or engaging myself in some sort of activity to prevent my mind from completely the very least contemplating exactly why it is that I feel this awful need. Yet for some reason my mind is blank...

The joys of fatigue...

I just noticed a quote on my wall that a friend gave to me last week...she had impecable timing with it then, and I realize looking at it now it applies more than ever:

"In repairing a relationship, it's essential to realize that no friendship is perfect, no marriage is perfect, no person is perfect. With the resolve that you are going to make a relationship work, you can develop peace treaties of love and tolerance and harmony to transform a difficult situation into something beautiful."

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