Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

I've done a couple letters on here venting frustration to various things around me, like the construction workers in my backyard and the raccoon that eats my garbage.  This letter is not to vent frustration, but rather to apologize for the lack of posting. 

Some bloggers would say I shouldn't feel guilty for not giving you something to read.  And I wouldn't say I feel guilty per se, more just a sense of responsibility to those faithful few who check in here almost daily hoping for something new.

My reason for silence?  I have to admit, it's nothing earth-shattering.  In fact, there isn't even really any good reason at all.  I just haven't had anything particularly interesting to say; I haven't felt overly inspired by anything.  Even today, this letter, is me forcing myself to get back at the keyboard and put forth at least something.

I think I might have writer's block.

Well then...

I'm sure the cure for writer's block is probably something simple like what I'm doing now, forcing one's self to write.  So we'll give it a go.  It might mean there are more days in between posts.  It might mean I make some kind of pledge to write a post every day for the next week.  (I don't actually see that happening -- sorry for getting your hopes up.)  It might mean I have to change the time of day that I do my writing.  Currently, I do my posts first thing in the morning after the kids get up, but their sleep habits have been changing slightly, as in, they wake up slightly later, so I have less time to do what I want before our day gets started.

Anyway, once again, dear readers, I'm sorry for my long stretch of absence.  I am hoping that it won't take me quite so long before I come back again on a more regular basis for you.  But if it does, well, just know that I'm probably fine, and I'm only trying to figure out how to get over the writer's block.

Peace to you,
Your not-so-faithful-lately blogger

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Laura Moelker said...

Thanks for posting:). As one of your faithful readers every morning I was wondering about your MIA. Keep blogging!!! even if it's about absolutely nothing...we all still love to read it:).

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