Friday, October 14, 2011

Just another Fall morning

The sky outside my window in the mornings is all black now.

When did that happen?

I knew fall was coming, but how did it get here so fast?  The days are a dichotomy of warm temperatures and leaves falling like rain.  There are long stretches of grey days and unending drizzle followed by long stretches of days with pure sunshine that call for shorts and mornings spent planting bulbs in my garden.

I fear those days of warm sunshine will soon be coming to an end, and we'll be left with days of bright sunshine that does little to combat the cold of winter and snow.

My soul feels a little weighed down lately.  The women's Bible study I'm participating in is focusing on revival; this past week's session talked about how easy it is to be asleep in our walk with God, and how the Christian life is not about doing things, participating in the right rituals, serving in the right way.  Instead, it is about a relationship, and without that deep relationship with Christ, it can feel like we're in a desert.

Don't worry.  I'm not in a desert.  But some days it feels like time passes so quickly, and before I know it, I've forgotten to have that quiet time with Him that I so desperately need, and once again, I find myself begging forgiveness for not drawing near to Him when I know full-well that I can't get through this life without Him.

Sometimes, I think He lets us have those days when nothing goes right just so we can be reminded of how desperately we need Him and His marvelous grace.

Anyway, I'm rambling.  The sky outside my window is becoming a shade of midnight blue, and through the trees that line our back fence, I can see the construction workers arriving to begin work for the day. 

I will begin my work for the day soon, too.  Dishes, laundry, dusting, meals to cook...  May I remember to bring Him along with me as I walk through this day that He alone has made.

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Justine Teresa said...

they're predicting snow this weekend. this morning it's a little above freezing. i'm still in denial....

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