Saturday, July 13, 2013

A breath of summer

Happiness is sitting on the couch beside the open window and breathing in the smell of summer washing over me. 

How do I hold on to this moment forever?

For once, this brief instance of time, I feel peace.  I could sit here forever.  Would it be wrong if I let the kids watch TV all day just so I can sit here and enjoy this?

I look out at the big tree in my front yard, and the scent of nature fills my senses, and I'm transported to memories of campsites and being outdoors, and suddenly, I can't wait until August and the camping trip we have planned.

And I wish we could make houses out of trees, real trees, and that we could live in nature constantly so I could always feel this peace because how can you feel anything but that when you are surrounded by God's creation?

Of course, I know this is unrealistic.  Winter comes with its harsh cold winds and biting snow, and on those hot humid sticky summer days, I'm pretty thankful to come indoors to my air conditioning.

But today, just today, I cling to this.  I breathe deeply.  In.  Out.  In again.  Out again.  This is right.  This is good.  Thank you God.

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