Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Little things

The morning greets me early again.  I quietly sneak downstairs with Nathan, trying not to wake the others in house.  It's easier to deal with being up early when only have one child to deal with instead of three, and Reuben and Kaylee are pretty wiped after having a "stay up" over at Aunt Laura and Uncle Chris's house on Monday night.  :)

It's early enough that the sky is still gray, and I play the guessing game of if it might rain today or if it's just too soon to tell.

Turns out it was just too soon to tell.  Now that my coffee is done, and I sit down to read and write, I can see tiny clouds in the sky tinged pink with the colour of the sun rising.  Not the heavy rain clouds I was hoping for to break this ridiculous heat.

And I try to find little things to be thankful for so that I don't start the day out grumpy.

Like that I didn't have to wake up in the night for the other kids, just Nathan.

And my house didn't get infested with ants overnight even though I didn't sweep the floor after supper yesterday.  (I swear, one crumb left on the floor by mistake, and it's like a giant blinking sign to all the ants in the neighbourhood, "Come eat here!")

And even if it doesn't rain, at least it looks to be a bit windy outside today.

And unexpected evenings off from work - without losing the income.  :)

I try to remember the things I did that worked last time I was in a funk.  Your prayers and words of encouragement are appreciated.  I find little things to look forward to...a few nights without the kids, our camping trip in a few weeks, treating myself to a yummy snack...(my latest guilty pleasure is a cucumber dip recipe that I got from Laura and Chris ages ago...maybe I'll take pictures when I make it tonight and blog it tomorrow...)

Anyway, time to go make up a menu plan so I can get groceries this morning.  I'm looking forward to a nice cold grocery store to walk around in.  :)

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