Monday, July 22, 2013

The pause between storms

The storms on Friday night were pretty spectacular.  I can't remember the last time we had a good storm like that come through while I was awake to see it.  We stood on the front porch watching the lightning for quite a while.  I remember thinking, "Isn't God awesome?"  And for a few moments, I pondered how the storm showed God's strength and might in a way we don't see very often, and I found myself filled with such a sense of peace.

How odd it was, standing there with the lightning flashing and the thunder booming all around, feeling a peace I don't often feel these days.

It's made me think a bit how storms in life do not always cause us to do the same thing - realize God's strength.  Through nature's storm, I saw God's power, and I realized how small I am, but knowing that He was (and is) in control, I felt peace.

Why can't I do the same thing with the storms in life, with the storms within myself?

Perhaps this is the lesson to be learned, that when I have storms in life, I need to remember God's strength, that He is in control, and in so remembering, I will feel that elusive peace.  And maybe that is part of the purpose of storms, to remind us that God is in control, to remind us how small we are and how much we need Him.

I am more than ever thankful for moments like these:

...extra reminders in the pause between storms that God promises to be faithful.

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