Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blogging from All Ontario

The sun glares into our eyes as we stumble from the cafeteria to the gym where the morning's worship session will be held.  Getting coffee is the only thing on our minds now that we've eaten breakfast.  Someone has brought a Keurig from home, and that man deserves a medal.  (University coffee is apparently quite bad.)

But we're thankful the sun is shining.  Because it means we don't have to walk around from breakout room to breakout room dragging equipment through the rain.  Because it means we get to wear shorts when it gets hot later.  Because it means the youth will have a great time playing sports outside during leisure time.

Because there is something about walking with the sunshine on your face that makes it okay to be completely exhausted.  Especially when there's good coffee waiting for you at the end of your walk...

Last night's session was a good rehearsal for the rest of the weekend.  There were a few minor glitches with the production side of things that should be ironed out by today, if not this morning, then by tonight.  It didn't rain, so the outdoor stage was able to be outside as planned, and it was well received...(except for a noise violation...*cough*)  We finally made it back to our rooms around 12:30, which isn't too bad for us actually.

I'm hoping to do a couple posts over the course of the weekend.  We do have some Internet access, albeit a slow connection, and there's enough laptops kicking around that I should be able to put up the occasional update.

Prayers are always requested, especially because I am now concerned I might be finally getting that cold my kids have had for a week or so now.  The last thing I want right now is to be sick, so please pray that I (and the others) remain healthy.  Please also pray that we will be able to keep our focus on working for the glory of God, and also for the youth, that their lives will be touched by all they see and hear this weekend.

Peace, my friends.


Rachel Speelman said...

Hey Marleah! I've really enjoyed reading your blog lately and thought I should comment so I'm not just a silent reader. Just wanted to say that I'll be praying the AOC goes well and that you stay in good health! It's interesting hearing how things are going from a leaders/adult perspective. I went to the All Ontario when I was in youth and loved it, so it's awesome that you are able to enjoy it still on the "other side" of things. Hoping it is a wonderful and refreshing weekend for you as well!


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