Monday, May 09, 2011

Losing a Church: Moving Forward

This will be my last post in my "Losing a Church" series.  I have loved sharing this journey with you all, but now it's time for me to put this series to rest.

Are there some lingering personal issues around our church closing that I may need to deal with yet?  Probably.  But I think the hard work has been finished, and the time for publicly blogging about it is done.  The slow work to come to complete healing and forgiveness will continue, but by God's grace, I am truly in a place of acceptance over the situation, and I am ready to look forward to the next steps.

The next steps.  Finding a new church.  (Do I sense another series?)

Ugh.  The initial excitement over finding a new church has waned, and I am left with a sinking feeling of dread over having to be the new face in the crowd again.  I have never been good at getting close to people, and it took three years to form the tentative relationships I have/had with people at our previous church.  (It is so weird to call it our "previous church".)

And I hate small talk.  I am so not good at it.  I'm not even good at it with people I've known for years.

This does not bode well for how easy it will be to fit in with a new community of believers.  And so, first order of business in my journey to find a new church, crash course in small talk.  Google, here we come.  Or maybe there's a "Small Talk for Dummies" book I can find...


Anonymous said...

You are better at conversing with people than you think. ~mum

Anonymous said...

I feel for you Marleah in your new church search, vut you do have an advantage and that is that you have small children. This immediately connects you to people who also have little kids. It does give you a conversation starter.

I know God will bless you in your search.

Aunt Patty

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