Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's that time of year again...

It's the weekend of the All Ontario Youth Convention!  This is an event that Tim has been involved in for over 10 years helping out with the sound & lighting aspect of things.  Before the kids were born, I went along to help.  It is always an incredible weekend, both in the fun we have as a tech crew and also in watching as the lives of these youth are changed by God's grace.  It's been challenging the last three years to send him off for it while I had to stay home with babies.

This year, thanks to my parents graciously being able to take care of my kids for me, I get to go again!  I don't think I can possibly express just how excited I am.  The reasons are many: a weekend away without the kids, getting to work with my husband again (I admit; he's turned me into a bit of a techy........okay, so I just wrap lots of cables...), working with the crew (we have the same people year after year volunteering with us), listening to some really awesome worship sessions, hearing some really cool speakers, being part of something bigger than myself...yeesh, I'm getting more excited just thinking about it.

For the youth, the weekend doesn't start until Friday evening, but in this house, planning for it started almost as soon as last year's convention ended.  Tim has spent that past number of months plotting diagrams and putting together equipment lists.  The frenzy to finish organizing everything has stepped up over the last few weeks, and today he is heading off to pack the gear at the company we rent everything from.  I get to spend my day baking, doing laundry, and packing suitcases.  Tomorrow, we load in at the university.

Let the fun begin!


Justine Teresa said...

i'm excited. :)

Anonymous said...

It's a win-win situation all around. :) ~mum

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