Sunday, May 22, 2011

On see-through bacon...

Quote of the day: "I can see you through my bacon!" - Jon

Let's just say university cafeteria food leaves much to be desired, at least when it comes to breakfast.  The unfortunate thing is that word on the street has it we won't be eating a whole lot in the way of lunch today either. It's a bit hush hush, but you know there's something going on when they only have half an hour scheduled to feed 900 plus people.  I'll probably have more on how that goes tomorrow...

The weekend is going well.  The kids seem to be really enjoying themselves, and we are having a great time working together as a crew.  As always, each show gets better and better as we get all the kinks worked out and find our groove.  We have a busy day ahead of us today with several Reach-In rooms to set up and both a morning and evening worship session.  Sunday night is typically the climax session of the weekend, so it will be interesting to see how God is at work today.

Please continue to pray that I and the others keep in good health.  We're all a little sore from lifting heavy equipment and generally using muscles we're not used to using.  The exhaustion is setting in, and although we had an easy enough day yesterday, today does look to be a little more challenging.  Please pray that we will keep up our strength and continue to keep our focus on the One who is faithful to keep us strong until the end.

Peace, my friends.

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