Friday, May 06, 2011

Oh cat...

This is my cat.  Generally, she is a good cat.  However, in more recent months, I have discovered that she has a major flaw.  She likes to eat things.  Rubber things.  Important rubber things.  Like my yellow rubber gloves (which I've gotten very good at hiding, so she actually hasn't eaten them lately) and also, like the rubber sleeves from the ends of my earphones.

"Why are these so important?" you may ask.  Well, let me tell you.

If you have been hereto uninformed, as well as being the part-time admin assistant for our church, I also work part-time from home as an independent contractor doing transcription work.  As such, it is extremely important that I have a good set of headphones so I can clearly hear the audio that I am working on.

Triple Flange Sleeves
I have a set of Shure earphones that has been lovingly provided to me by my dear husband.  These are the ends that I like to wear with them.  I have been rather unfortunately endowed with small ears, so the standard black, grey, or yellow ends just don't fit well into my ears, and I end up spending more time shoving them back in so I can hear than I do actually typing my file.

Well, last week, my cat decided she would eat the ends off my earphones.  It was probably my fault because I left them laying out on the desk.  But in all fairness, I've been doing this for two years now, and I've never had a problem with her eating them before.

*sigh* Just my luck.  So now I have to get new ones.  Which of course, costs lots of money in shipping.  Figures.

In other completely unrelated but even more frustrating news our van is having transmission troubles.  Some prayers that the warranty company comes through for us would be appreciated.

That's all for today...


Jessica Heights said...

Wow, that's an unusual quirk for a cat! I guess she likes to keep you on your toes, eh? :)

Marleah said...

Gosh, yes, she does! I've always said she wasn't a normal cat...we love her for it! :)

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