Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tylenol is my friend

I want to apologize for the lack of super awesome posts this week.  After coming home from convention, my immune system finally caved in to the virus that had been attempting to infect me with the vicious cold that my children introduced to me already before I left. 

I think being exhausted from convention hasn't helped because it is a monster of a cold involving knives stabbing into my throat when I swallow and much coughing that keeps me awake half the night.  Halls cough drops are only so helpful.

I went to the naturopath on Wednesday, so I've got two pages worth of things to do and take for myself and the kids.  I will honestly say, as much as I hate being sick, I can't even remember to do half of it because there's just so much on the list.  And it's one thing to remember to do a list of things for yourself; it's another thing entirely to have to remember two additional lists for the small ones.

That being said, my sore throat is finally feeling significantly better today, and my lungs don't feel quite as congested, although the pounding head leaves something to be desired...something like Tylenol, and lots of it.  I think we just might attempt to get to church this morning as the kids seem to be doing significantly better than I am, and I would love to have a little bit of a break, even if it means sitting on an unpadded pew for a little while. 

So Happy Sunday, people.  And hopefully I'll be a little better at posting something interesting this week...

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